Friday Introductions: Get To Know Me

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Hey Everyone 👋🏼 It’s me, Megan, the planner behind Kennedy Planning Co.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a #fridayintroductions to share some fun facts about me, so here we go!

1. Travel is a huge part of my life. This past year with very little travel has been the worst. My highlight of 2020 was traveling to Oregon for Kayla and Jordan’s elopement.

David and I have a goal of traveling to all 50 states and we have 5 more to go!

2. My home design aesthetic is very modern and clean. I like white walls and very minimal patterns. One room in our house has color in it 😳 Wedding planning design is the complete opposite of what’s going on in this house. Bring on the colors, patterns, and unique ideas.

3. My favorite food is fried chicken and macaroni and cheese. Give me all the comfort food please!

4. I love horror movies, true crime, and serial killer documentaries. It’s very rare to find me watching a romantic comedy.

5. I adore all creatures! Any animal is cute to me snakes, possums, bats, etc. I am a true animal lover. I rescued over 57 toads this past spring that were stuck in my egress well.

6. My first concert ever was Britney Spears! I love a good 90’s and early 2000’s jam 🎶


Photo Credit: Lisa Hodack Photography