Happy National Wedding Planning Day

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Happy #NationalWeddingPlanningDay! Since it’s also #fridayintroductions and I’m a wedding planner, I’m going to share a few fun facts about me 💖

1. My favorite part of a wedding is the moment after the bride and groom are announced as husband and wife. I love to look back at the couple as they share their excitement together!

2. My husband and I are the dream team when it comes to planning. Whether it’s heavy lifting or floral design, we got this!

3. Speaking of David, we love to travel! We have a goal of traveling to all 50 states by the time we’re 30. We have 12 more states to go!

4. I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Design. I love fashion and I think that this love helps my wedding designs too! Check out my personal Instagram @meganricica for all things fashion

5. I have a tequila certification, but I don’t drink any alcohol (yes, that includes tequila! 

Thank you to Kaptured By Kassie Photography for capturing this moment of me at a wedding last year!